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Monday, January 02, 2006

Wonderful movies..

So another year goes by. It seems that the days are passing by faster..or probably thats just a perception when caught up in the midst of a work routine that doesnt allow you the sensibility or the sensitivity to see each day for what it is and make the most of the moment.

I really watched some good movies over the past one year..on DVD's mostly and I was trying to catch up on some of those movies that I had wanted to and couldnt as India and Hyderabad in particular is not a place where one can actually cater to ones desire of watching those international movies.

Here goes a compilation of some of the better movies that I watched and the movies that I would recommend if anyone is interested... I will keep adding on to the list as I remember them.

1. Memento
2. Requiem for a Dream
3. Me and You and Everyone we know
4. 40 year old virgin
5. Batman Begins
6. Dead Again
7. Rashomon
8. 2046
9. In the mood for love
10. Citizen Kane
11. King Kong
12. Solaris

There were two beautiful malayalam movies that I liked Blessy's Mammooty starrer "Kazhcha" a haunting tale of love and loss set in the idyllic and water logged kuttanadu in central Kerala. Then there was the adaptation of Tennessee Williams play 'The Glass Menangeri', 'Akele' by Shyamaprasad. Geethu Mohandas' performance as the autistic protagonist was arguably one of the best peformance by a female artist in 2005 in any indian language cinema.

I am trying to get hold of the uncut version of Kenneth Branagh's 'Hamlet'. The DVD has not yet come out, so i gez I will have to settle for the VCD, if I can get my hand on one ;)

Two other movies that I want to watch are Steven Spielberg's Munich and the Stephen Gaghan's Syriana...


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