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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The last few weeks...

Saw a few movies over the past couple of weeks and thought I will write out a few lines about them, as it is, this space was screaming out its emptiness and I couldn't find it in myself to muster up energy to rant ;)

Will go back in chronological order...

A totally mindless and stupid movie that falls under the category of 'paisa vasool' for the lobotomized junta...and I was one of them while watching it.

Micheal Clayton
Quite gripping while it lasted, well acted, and one of the better movies I have seen recently. Though it was taut, compelling and involved more than open eyes and ears, there was a sense of familiarity while it unspooled.

27 Dresses
Predictable...yes, cliched...yes, entertaining...yes. A by the book standard issue rom-com that has everything this genre of movie is made up of and gets most things right. Strong support is provided by the lead pair of the luminuos Katherine Heigl and James Marsden.

Vantage Point
An assasination attempt on the President of the US told using the vantage points of multiple characters each of whom see the same event. A commercial potboiler that had its moments and did try to do something different.

Jodha Akbar
A bum numbing torturous experience. The ONLY redeeming part of the movie was A R Rahman's surreal 'khwaja mere khwaja'. The battle scenes were hilarious...and of course who can forget the Akbar trying to cajole the young elephant to look ferocious as he tries to tame it. As usual, I was very impressed by Mrs. Rai Bachchan. She has, as one critic put it - different context - an elusive eluded almost everyone who saw her.

Katha Parayumbol
A humorous and satirical take on celebrity worship, laced with enough melodrama to satisfy the common junta. This was one of the better malayalam movies to come out in recent times. The picturised against the idyllic and verdant backdrop of interior Kerala, the movie is inhabited by all the familiar characters that you will see in a sleepy village in Kerala. Acting is good all round and Mammotty shines in an excellent cameo.

Taare Zameen Par
A wonderful performance by the kid. But this pretensious movie is ANYTHING but an eye opener on dyslexia. With every cliches that the average hindi movie contains and characters that are an insult to cardboards, Aamir Khan's directorial venture disappoints and irritates.


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Thanks for writing this.

November 11, 2008 7:50 AM  

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