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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bolt, running with the Gods

On the 16th of August history was 9.58 seconds.

Since the arrival of computerised timing, world records in 100 meters have never been beaten by more than a few hundredths of a seconds, but here we are talking about tenths...TENTHS.

Tyson Gay came in second at 9.71 and that time would have won him any of the previous World championships. Five men running under 9.93 in the same race should qualify this to be the greatest 100 meters dash of all time.

Beijing 2008 saw Usain Bolt cruise thru in 9.69 seconds and that after easing up in the last 15 meters. That should have told us that this boy will one day maybe do a sub 9.6 seconds someday...someday. But barely two years after Asafa Powell set the world record of 9.74 at the IAAF Grand Prix in Rieti, Italy, Usain Bolt has gone on and taken off almost two tenths of that time.

I guess, barring a major screw up, no one ever thought beyond Usain Bolt to win the 100 meters World Championship. Gay wanted to prove to the world that he belongs and Asafa Powell, who has lately being in the shadows of his more illustrious teammate, wanted to show the world that he has what it takes to become a world champion once again. But with absolutely no disrespect to either of these two men or anyone else who was running along with him, Usain Bolt was running his own race on this warm night in August.

9.58 seconds. This is an incredible enough record that will stand for a long long time...unless he decides to take it down even further, and one would be foolish to bet against that happening.

Now when he says that he will run the 200 meters in under 19 seconds...does it sound like a vain and cocky statement or as a statement of intent coming from a core belief in his ability.

Usain Bolt the greatest short sprinter in the modern era.


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