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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Movie reviews - Check out Reelviews

James Berardinelli is one of the best reviewer of movies that I have come across. He hosts a non-commercial site and though I may not agree with some of his opinion, I find him to be articulate and very well informed on american as well as world cinema.

For those interested in good in-depth reviews you can check him out at,

Since he is an independent reviewer, he doesnt have to tow the lines of those syndicated reviewers whose views can/could be influenced by big studios when they plug their latest movies at special screenings followed by sumptous and lavish cocktails...and as we all know invoking bacchus and going bacchanalian usually doesnt add upto unbiased criticism. I dont hold that anybody is unbiased. I believe that each one of us is always biased in our opinions and views. We are always influenced by a lot of concious and subconcious stimuli...but a truly good writer should be able to present his case in a logical and articulate manner.

Oh, of course Mr. Berardinelli also doesnt think a certain Tom Cruise is going to be oscar worthy material, more reason why I like him ;)

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