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Monday, May 14, 2007

Spiderman - yaaawwwnnn

With great powers come great responsibility...sadly Spiderman 3 fails to recognize its own powers gained over two clearly superior prequels

What a let down. Boring, one word that can describe the third instalment of this hugely successful franchise. To make the final part bigger, the makers tried to do a little too much...thereby destroying the essentially childish, yet adorable charm of the prequels. Not only does Spidernam and his alter ego have to battle three villians, he also has to fight his own swelling ego brought on by public's acceptance of his exploits, seek revenge on his uncle's killer, try to save his relationship with Mary Jane from breaking up, try and patch up with his best friend, shed copious amounts of tears, do a strange jig on the streets and generally be so...Gay. None of the action set pieces - the primary reason why we go to watch a superhero movie - is a shade on the 'train out of control sequence' from Spiderman 2. In fact the novelty of Spiderman swinging across the sky scrapers is not there anymore, so we look forward to even bigger set pieces, of which there are...none. Even the climax where he has to battle Sandman and Venom is such a tame affair. I for one agree, if there is an attempt to flesh out the character of a Superhero by giving him a backstory and probably a raison d'etre for his very existence, but that doesnt mean one has to make him a psychoanalyst's case study. In 3, Spiderman has to fight so many demons inside him, which meant that the CGI folks could wait at the bar, till Spidey is done quelling his psychosis and with a few too many inside them they return and figured, 'What the hell, anyways this is gonna be a money spinner...why the hell should we even do anything. You know what, lets hang MJ once again from the top of a building or a crane and lets make Spiderman fight Sandman and Venom, while trying to save his love'. Which shows. One of my chief grouse is that Kirsten Dunst, who is one of my fav actresses is not very flattering in the movie. In fact she is hardly there. She is not your traditional beauty...but I find her strangely delicious :)

Well, what is the movie all about?

Spiderman has gained acceptance and he is liking it. He is doing good at college, his relationship with MJ couldn't have been better and he is getting ready to propose to MJ. Things are looking rosy until he gets afflicted by some stuff from outer space called symbiote, which though enhances his powers also enhances his agressive personality and that leads to an an inflated ego...and begins ignoring MJ, who is not having a particularly good time at Broadway and wants a crutch and seeks it from Harry. Even as MJ takes solace in Harry's arms, his on - off relationship with Spiderman / Peter Parker turns sour, because Spidey is busy pretending to be gay (I made this up, but you should see this segment..its so funny). Spiderman meanwhile also finds out that Sandman was responsible for his uncle's death, so he wants revenge. Oh I forgot to mention Peter Parker's rival camera slinger at the Daily Bugle who ends up becoming Venom...dont ask me how or why. Now Venom and Sandman have major issues with our sticky fingers. Harry finally understands that Spiderman didnt kill his dad and decides to join hands with Spiderman, who has managed to dissociate from the Symbiote, to save MJ who decided to get kidnapped by Venom and Sandman. And in the climatic free for all, Harry does a Viru ( a la Sholay) and dies in the arms of MJ.

This is the kind of movies where we dont talk about plot holes - cause it is likely we are sitting in one of them. We have to avoid mentioning them because, plot holes will imply having a plot. But I am sure these kind of movies are made with one particular make money, and that it has and will. I just wish that they had made it less complicated and more fun like its decidedly more superior predecessors. They were not classics, but at least they had more warmth and there was a sense of joy watching them, unlike this ponderous and bloated waste of effort and time.

So, even if you have a couple of hours to spend and even if you enjoy mindless entertainment and even if you are the biggest fan of Spiderman, this side of the known universe...if you have taken the tickets prepared to be...BORED.


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