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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Krzysztof Kieslowski Retrospective

A short film about love

What is true love...unconditional love? A feeling of emotion so intense that it can make the physical act of love...irrelevant.

This Polish movie explores this in a searingly haunting tale of a boy's obsession with a beautiful older woman, whom he watches thru a telescope. Starting of as a sexual gratification exercise, this voyeristic rendezvous turns to more than just lust and questions the very definition of love and what it means. We have seen love explored in detail in a million movies before, but rarely has its potency been this beautifully studied.

Three colours - Blue

A haunting medition on grief, lonliness and ultimately liberty. This french movie features an amazing performance by Juliette Binoche as a woman who suddenly loses her husband and her child in an accident and is trying to learn to live with the void that her life has become and the struggle she undergoes emotionally to find peace and freedom from the hurt, pain...vacuousness.

As the title suggests there is a tinge of blue that is predominant in the way the movie is shot. Blue stands for liberty and the director here is trying to portray the feeling of 'individual liberty'.

If i don't write about the music, it would be a terrible injustice. Melding into the visuals, the score is evocatively intense and intoxicating. There is a sense of caress as it fills up your conciousness.

[As an aside, there is a shot of Juliette Binoche at a cafe having coffee and I couldn't help noticing her beautiful fingers...there was a strange sensuousness in her softly delicate fingers, but this is just me and it helped in emphasising how beautiful she actually is]

Three colours - White

Though it doesn't have the same impact as the 'Three colours - Blue', White is quite good. In a strange way, at its heart this is a love story and tells about the tale of a man who is trying to plot revenge against the woman he has loved, blaming her for everything that has gone wrong between them. He is a sympathetic character and his journey to find resolution for the way life has panned out for him is quite captivating.

This is not as haunting as the previous movie, neither is it as gloomy or depressing and there is touch of lightness to the proceedings, this maybe one of the reason why I found it slightly less compelling watch.

Now I wait to see the the third part of the trilogy, Three colours - Red, next week.


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