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The permanent temptation of life is to confuse dreams with reality. The permanent defeat of life is when dreams are surrendered to reality.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Chance, destiny, fate...whatever you call it, is just an inkblot on a page in history, observed fleetingly, used as a prop to debate the imponderabilities of life. But the enormity of chance and happenstance in shaping who you are is usually given a short shrift, because we would like to think that we have our lives under control.

We like to think we know where we are going.

Sometimes a chance occurrence jolts you and you awaken to the possibility that life may not be as simple as you thought it to be. The mind-numbing fear you feel when it crashes into you from the periphery of your vision, spreading an ever growing vine of doubt and fear, opens your eyes to a life that just might not be playing to the rules…the rules that you built in trying to factor in each and every possibility, the rules that lead you on the path to who you are now, the rules that are designed to take you to the person and fulfillment you knew you were seeking…all these hangs on such chance occurrences. These are our moments in the sun when we lay totally exposed and naked to self-doubts and on such chances are knit the tapestries of our lives.

These are the moments when we have no control over our destiny, we are but passengers. Journeymen.

They say, life is so much more beautiful when we can embrace the concept of how fleeting it can be and realize not all that we dream, desire, and want will come true, but the moments shared in dreaming these dreams…together, will be worth it. They say, sometimes, all that will remain are memories of these shared dreams. Maybe they are right, because not always do all of us make it back, sometimes you come back with memories. Sometimes all we are left with are memories. Memories and scars that will take a lifetime before we finally come to terms with it. It is then we realize, maybe, that these scars however traumatic, were also responsible for who you became. It is up to you to look at these scars and remember.

When you are enveloped by this gloom of sadness remember that you owe to each of them to remember…to be thankful for the chance you have been given. Sometimes all you can be is thankful, sometimes all you can be is grateful.

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