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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mysteries unexplained - Stonehenge

Ever wondered about the mysteries from the past. Though we have a fair understanding about them now, there is still so much unexplained. I have tried to jot down a few here and if you are interested you could pursue them at your lesiure...

Consisting of 162 stones and is 35 paces across, Stonehenge is one of the most famous and mysterious ruins in the world today. It has fascinated scientists and us and after hundreds of years of theories and research, scientists believe that Stonehenge was built for both astrological and ceremonial purposes over a period of more than five hundred years. But is do we know? Read on...

Stonehenge: unearthing a mystery

Stonehenge I and II

Mystery of Stonehenge points to the heavens

How much ever study is done, one cannnot at least now ever know the true purposes behind the building of these massive stone structures. It will remain as one of those unexplained mysteries at least for some more time..thus giving it the aura it so deserves, having stood for over 5000 years standing vigil to so many changes that happened around it...


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