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Monday, October 06, 2008

Rise and fall...

The Sensex fell by over 700 points today.

Black Monday, they are calling it.

Why do I find a vicarious sense of pleasure in seeing the Sensex crash?

Of course, quite a few people stand to lose big time, but they were hardly complaining when it went thru the roof, were they? Also, all those who invested in the equity market did so out of their own volition to make a quick buck. They should have known with every rise...there is a fall. In usual circumstances, the flicking of a coin has two outcomes. Going after fast and easy money is generally accompanied by a higher risk...ask Lehman Brothers who were left holding mortgage securities that was worth even less than the toilet papers in their swanky offices.

At least, the rise and fall of the stock indices gives you some entertainment in the form of analysis from all the leading news channels. Some of the reasons these 'experts' give out are hilarious. Till now, they had the Left to blame each time there was a slight flutter...wonder what they will come up with today?

Probably Prakash Karat farted...