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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mysteries unexplained - I

Easter Island
Not only is it one of the most isolated places on Earth - it also has hundreds of spectacular and mysterious stone statues that guard over it. Read on

Nazca Lines
Huge geometric patterns and spirals, animal figures and thousands of perfectly straight lines that go on for kilometres. The Nazca lines - one of the most baffling enigmas of archeology. Read on

Great Pyramid of Giza
A total of over 2,300,000 blocks of limestone and granite were used in its construction with the average block weighing 2.5 tons and none weighing less than 2 tons. The large blocks used in the ceiling of the King's Chamber weigh as much as 9 tons. Read on

Kailasa Temple
The Kailasa temple is an illustration of one of those rare occasions when men's minds, hearts, and hands work in unison towards the consummation of a supreme ideal. Read on

The links given are just meant to build on your curiosity and you could probably use the Internet to know more...

Happy reading..


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