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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trust and faith

Recently I was forced into a situation - of my own making, I should say - to seek an understanding into the concept of truth, trust and the real world.

What is truth?

What is trust?

A dictionary might define truth as a conformity with some fact or reality. But what if reality itself is a perception that cannot be defined in anything but an abstract sense? Does truth still hold a valid and objective definition? Truth is supposed to be enlightening, but how then does it stand to reason when truth blurs the distinction between fact and reality. There are people who believe everything real to be a fact and vice versa...but how true is this assumption?

I have always believed that truth can only be subjective. Kurosawa's Rashomon, one of the pinnacles of cinema making tried to explore the objectivity of truth. Without trying to really find an answer, Kurosawa managed to show us that truth cannot be objective. The very loose nature of truth depends on the context to which it is attached.

I guess its just me and the way I look at life that precludes me from finding any real meaning to truth. This is also maybe because somewhere deep inside, the cynic in me has ruled out anything substantive to the meaning of truth. Today, truth is another word, to be used to further our needs...our pursuits. Truth is one more weapon in our arsenal to be used any which way we want. It can be bent, twisted, shortened, lengthened and altered to be the key that unlocks the door that stands in our way.

Perhaps, long ago when it was meant something, but now, the necessity of surviving in a world that is increasingly becoming a metaphor for the Darwinian principle that espouses 'survival of the fittest', truth has come to represent our crutch.

Truth has lost its meaning - if ever there was one. Today its easier to say I have faith in God than I trust you.

Yesterday truth was one of our guiding beacons. Today it's trust. Tomorrow it will be faith.

How long will it be before faith itself gets corrupted.


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