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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Time slowed down..considerably.

You could feel it...the music was taking you to places where only your mind could conjure. I felt I was falling down...accelerating till I could take it no more. I waited for the impact...that never came. I realised that if there was no obstruction I could keep falling till eternity and a day more. Falling had no meaning. The definition of direction altered, coz if you are travelling towards eternity at a high speed..the direction doesnt matter coz you keep on travelling.

It suddenly leapt to my mind why we are afraid of falling. It has nothing to do with the act of was scary only in the realisation that soon that fall is going to end and it could be painful or it could be an end to life as I know it. I wondered if i was travelling up towards the sky at the same speed I would be falling to the ground..I wouldnt be scared of the impact and it will be an exhilirating ride until I realise that my ride now is not going to end in any conventional way I know..but it could go on the immensity of our known universe is so far beyond our comprehension and it could be a long while before I go crash into some piece of rock or any of those objects that populate our universe.

Which is more scary..knowing that u r life is going to end as u hurtle down towards earth at increasing speeds or the probability that you will keep on travelling forvever in which ever direction you choose without any end in sight.

My eyes opened to the fact that at high speeds and if you are not stopped, direction and time hold no meaning. There will not be forward and up or yesterdays and no tomorrows.

I know this might sound crazy and it should to anybody who is sane...but then I never claimed to be sane :)

Ok, here it taking this even further.

What is time?

What is speed?

Wouldnt time slow down if we grow bigger. When I mean bigger, I dont mean just a few feet or a few meters..I mean really huge. Lets say we keep growing till we are almost as tall as..the earth. Wouldnt then the concept of minutes and hours have changed. I mean now we are as big as the earth and now we can feel or see the earth rotating and revolving [We are that huge. I gather the earth is spinning at very high speeds now and we cant see it or feel it directly. We see it reflected in 'day and night' and 'seasons' or other indicators]. Now dont you think we will measure time on a different scale...and if the basic unit now is seconds, dont you think we will change our unit. To illustrate it in our minds we need to mark a point of reference, so here lets suggest that one second is our point of reference..but at very high speeds and at very large time frame our units change. Simply put..we measure very large distance in light years. Similarly I just figured or thought about it last evening and wondered that all that we know now is based on our limited understanding and that also holds for basic units like time, speed and distance. But we dont know whats out there. When we look at an insect or study a bacteria with an electron microscope and wonder how short thier life span is, we are using our knowledge as a point of reference. But is it inconcievable that we may be that self same bacteria and some life form that is so huge is studying us now...and is it inconcievable that what we consider a full life of 100 years may be just an instant in thier universe.

Can we be absolutely certain that we are not living under controlled conditions in some tissue culture lab...

Isnt time and speed and distance relative to what we know...

Sometimes I can go really crazy up there..but then arent we all in our own crazy worlds..:)


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